Gassi Tour, based in Thessaloniki, undertakes VIP transfers to any destination. The name Gassi Tour is identical to the VIP transfer in Thessaloniki as everyone knows that the choice is one-way.

It is the most organized agency in the city as it specializes in it and it performs daily many routes with either direct orders or even individual.

It is no coincidence that many famous people choose our agency as they recognize the security, confidentiality and comfort we offer them.

Every VIP transportation order to our agency is a challenge for the experienced staff involved in it. Your transfer is for us a whole mission that must be successful.

We accomplish this as we pinpoint in detail the entire route that the vehicle will follow. We know from the outset the alternative routes we will follow in case of any collapse.

We have 24-hour tracking and recording of it with specialized GPS tracker systems that equip our vehicles. The choice of the driver is based on the type and case, as we aim at the perfect communication between you and our driver.

Our vehicles are always clean and sterile as they pass through biological cleaning on a monthly basis.

We perform strict certified maintenance on all our vehicles.

We have a backup vehicle and driver within an hour as an alternative.

Our VIP vehicles, in addition to multiple security systems, also feature air conditioning, WI-FI, USB charger, MP3 player, Bluetooth with 2 hands-free communication lines, large luggage compartment and whatever else is required upon request.

Gassi Tour performs daily VIP transfers from:

The airport of Thessaloniki or any other point – to hotels in the city, Chalkidiki and northern Greece. Transfer from residences or hotels to any other destination.

VIP transfers from Thessaloniki to Balkan cities and Turkey.

VIP transfers to Meteora and Mount Athos.

VIP transfers of small children to private schools and other destinations.

VIP transfers of famous people to assembly centers, events and concerts.

VIP TRANSFER in Thessaloniki is synonym to Gassi Tour, trust us!


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